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“So” is our purpose.  It’s our call to action. It’s why we started.  It was the idea of an affordable and accessible way for anyone to play field hockey. We provide athletes, coaches, and officials with resources and opportunities to help them perform at their best.


“Sew” is our passion for the game.  It’s putting people before profits. We showcase our love of the game through our gear- mixing fun designs with functionality. Every purchase helps offer free education, equipment, and engaging resources to everyone. 


“Sow” is our promise. It’s our commitment to operate with integrity and pay it forward. Sow reminds us to honor those who paved the way for us by helping others reach their potential. It’s growing the game by sowing seeds, nurturing talent, and cultivating community.

Our Founder



I started So Field Hockey to increase the sport’s visibility, affordability, and accessibility for all players. Growing up, there were no rec programs, rarely anyone looked like me, and club teams were highly expensive. I vowed to change that.  My field hockey career as a defender for the University of Richmond, assistant coach at Bridgewater College, and now a USA Field Hockey, NCAA, and high school official has inspired me to pay it forward.  I started this brand to elevate others by instilling confidence, improving skills, and insuring players’ overall health and well-being. Field hockey is for everyone, so grab a stick and let’s get going!

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