Umpire Tent


The unsung heroes of every sport, but especially in field hockey. The show can’t go on with them. Learn the basics, make some pocket change, stay fit, and enjoy a great sport. Not all heroes wear capes, but a lot of them have whistles. 

get started umpiring

Visit USA Field Hockey and learn how to get started. You can also check local clubs and associations for other opportunities.


Get the Gear

The best gear to get you game ready from the first whistle to the final horn. Stay cool, dry, and alert at all times.

Learn the Rules

Field hockey has some quirky rules which can change every so often. Learn the rules at all levels from international and club (FIH), college (NCAA), and high school (NHSL).

Stay Fit

Fit officials are just as crucial as fit players. Keep in shape so you can get into position and always make the right call.

Where to Ref

Are local leagues more your speed or are tournaments where you time is spent. Learn about various officiating opportunities and which ones best suit you.