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Giving back is essential. It’s who we are as a foundation. Sow means planting seeds; thanking those who led us by paving the way for those who follow us. We show our gratitude by paying it forward. We have several charitable efforts to impact players, teams, and communities. The more we give, the more we can grow. Join us by donating finances, time, equipment or by sharing our mission.  


We bring field hockey to you fast. free. fun.

“Pop Up & Play” clinics are uniquely designed, open house style events. This means you can pop in whenever- 2 minutes, 20 minutes, 2 hours- no problem! Stay for as long or as little as you want. Each participant receives a stick (when available).  We host clinics often. Join our mailing list to get updates and learn about future events ! Want to see us in your area? Let us know!



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2024 Summer Camp Scholarship

Congratulations to our two winners!

Gearing up for more!

2024 Updates

2024 is an exciting year for our sport. This will be a year to remember: the 2024 Olympics, new clinics, exciting fundraisers, and TWO scholarships. With so many fresh opportunities, we plan to expand our efforts, reach new audiences, and continue providing free, high quality access to playing opportunities, equipment, and a supportive community. Join us in any way you can- make a monetary donation, up-cycle  gear, donate time, or simply share our events with others. Anyone can get involved and everyone should. See you on the field!

Norfolk, VA

One of our free Pop Up & Play clinics hosted at ODU’s SRC new field turf for kindergarten through 12th grade. Aug 2022.

Chicago, IL

Grassroots site in Chicago, IL at Pablo Casals School. Boys and girls from 3rd to 5th grade learned to play at a summer camp. July 2022.

Simsbury, CT

Year 2 of our first ever grassroots site through the Horizons program at the Ethel Walker school. Black and brown girls from 3rd through 8th grade built their skills. July 2022.

Our Programs

Equipment Drives

Field hockey can be costly, so we keep costs low. We partner with colleges and brands to increase affordability. Give back by donating your equipment. Simply gather your gear and contact us to coordinate a pick-up.



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We believe that finances should never hinder success. Each year we help athletes attend elite camps. Players receive top tier instruction, gain new friends, and get scouted for collegiate teams. We host this contest annually. 

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